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How well do you onboard?

Assess the quality of your onboarding process by rating the following twelve statements on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is “poor” and 5 is “excellent.”

Statement 1

I provide new hires with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Reflect on how well you communicate job expectations to new employees.

Rate statement 1
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 2

I ensure that the onboarding process is user-friendly and easy to follow.

Consider how intuitive and straightforward your onboarding materials and procedures are.

Rate statement 2
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellemt

Statement 3

I create a welcoming environment that gives a positive first impression.

Think about the initial experience of new hires and how welcoming your workplace feels.

Rate statement 3
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 4

I provide timely and effective training to new employees.

Evaluate how well and promptly you equip new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Rate statement 4
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 5

I follow up with new hires to ensure they are settling in well.

Reflect on your efforts to check in and support new employees during their initial period.

Rate statement 5
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 6

I offer opportunities for new hires to ask questions and provide feedback about the onboarding process.

Consider how open and responsive you are to new employees’ inquiries and suggestions.

Rate statement 6
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 7

I ensure that new hires are introduced to key team members and stakeholders.

Think about your efforts to integrate new employees into the team and connect them with important colleagues.

Rate statement 7
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 8

I provide resources and tools that help new hires perform their roles efficiently.

Reflect on the adequacy and availability of the tools and resources you offer to new employees.

Rate statement 8
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 9

I give new hires a clear understanding of the company’s culture and values.

Consider how effectively you communicate the organizational culture and values to new employees.

Rate statement 9
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 10

I make sure new hires receive constructive feedback during their initial period.

Evaluate how well you provide new employees with helpful feedback to improve their performance.

Rate statement 10
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 11

I ensure that new hires feel supported and valued from day one.

Reflect on the pride and satisfaction you feel when helping your team navigate difficult situations.

Rate statement 11
PoorNot so goodOkGreatExcellent

Statement 12

I regularly review and improve the onboarding process based on feedback and outcomes.

Think about your commitment to continually enhancing the onboarding experience.

Rate statement 12
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Your score:

Scoring and reflection

48-60: You have an excellent onboarding process that effectively integrates new hires and provides a positive first impression.

36-47: You have a good onboarding process but may identify areas for improvement to enhance its effectiveness.

24-35: Your onboarding process may have some challenges. Reflect on the areas where you scored lower and consider strategies for improvement

12-23: There are significant opportunities to develop your onboarding process. Seek feedback, training, or resources to improve.

How we can help

Identified areas for improvement? Our Skillstone app provides tailored content to address specific challenges in making onboarding a smooth and user-friendly experience. Contact us to learn how we can help you create an efficient and welcoming onboarding process.

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