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How do you lead?

Assess your leadership skills and rate the following twelve statements on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is "weak" and 5 is "superstar."

Statement 1

I feel confident in providing clear expectations to my team.

Reflect on how certain and comfortable you feel when communicating what is expected from your team members.

Rate statement 1
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 2

I genuinely enjoy recognising and praising my team members for their good work.

Consider how naturally and sincerely you feel when offering praise and recognition.

Rate statement 2
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 3

I feel a strong sense of care and support towards each member of my team.

Think about your emotional connection and concern for your team members' well-being.

Rate statement 3
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 4

I feel comfortable discussing each team member's career development.

Evaluate how at ease you feel when talking about personal growth and career goals with your team members.

Rate statement 4
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 5

I trust my team members to perform their roles effectively without constant supervision.

Reflect on your level of trust and confidence in your team's abilities.

Rate statement 5
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 6

I find joy in seeing my team members succeed and grow.

Consider how fulfilled and happy you feel when your team members achieve success.

Rate statement 6
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 12

I genuinely value each team member’s input and ideas.

Think about your emotional openness and appreciation for the diverse perspectives and contributions from your team.

Rate statement 12
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 7

I feel patient and understanding when addressing team members' mistakes.

Think about your emotional reaction to errors and how empathetic you feel in these situations.

Rate statement 7
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 8

I am enthusiastic about providing opportunities for my team to learn and develop.

Reflect on your excitement and commitment to fostering a learning environment.

Rate statement 8
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 9

I feel a sense of responsibility for creating a positive team culture.

Consider your emotional investment in nurturing a healthy and positive work environment.

Rate statement 9
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 10

I am comfortable addressing conflicts within the team in a constructive manner.

Evaluate how confident and composed you feel when handling conflicts and disagreements.

Rate statement 10
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 11

I feel proud when I can support my team through challenges.

Reflect on the pride and satisfaction you feel when helping your team navigate difficult situations.

Rate statement 11
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Your score:

Scoring and reflection

48-60: You have a high level of emotional intelligence in your leadership role. You feel positive and confident about your interactions with your team.

36-47: You have a good level of emotional intelligence but may identify areas for growth to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

24-35: You may have some challenges in your emotional intelligence. Reflect on the areas where you scored lower and consider strategies for improvement.

12-23: There are significant opportunities to develop your emotional intelligence. Seek feedback, training, or coaching to enhance your leadership skills.

How we can help

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