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How engaged is your team?

Assess your team’s engagement by rating the following twelve statements on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is “disengaged” and 5 is “outstanding.”

Statement 1

My team members regularly express enthusiasm for their work.

Reflect on how often you observe genuine excitement and interest in their tasks.

Rate statement 1
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 2

Team members actively participate in meetings and discussions.

Consider the level of involvement and engagement during team interactions.

Rate statement 2
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 3

There is a low level of absenteeism and turnover in my team.

Think about the attendance and retention rates within your team.

Rate statement 3
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 4

Team members openly discuss their mental health and well-being.

Evaluate how comfortable and supported your team feels when talking about mental health.

Rate statement 4
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 5

Our team culture promotes collaboration and mutual respect.

Reflect on the overall atmosphere and relationships within your team.

Rate statement 5
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 6

Team members feel supported in their career development.

Consider how fulfilled and happy you feel when your team members achieve success.

Rate statement 6
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 12

Team members feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions.

Think about the recognition and appreciation shown for their efforts.

Rate statement 12
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 7

There is a high level of trust among team members.

Think about the trust and confidence team members have in each other.

Rate statement 7
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 8

Team members regularly give and receive constructive feedback.

Reflect on the frequency and quality of feedback exchanges within your team.

Rate statement 8
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 9

There is a strong sense of belonging within the team.

Consider how connected and included team members feel.

Rate statement 9
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 10

Team members show resilience and adaptability to change.

Evaluate how well your team copes with and embraces change.

Rate statement 10
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Statement 11

There is a noticeable effort to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Reflect on how well your team manages work-life balance.

Rate statement 11
WeakNot so goodOkGreatSuperstar

Your score:

Scoring and reflection

48-60: Your team is highly engaged and shows strong indicators of a healthy, productive work environment.

36-47: Your team engagement is good, but there are areas that could benefit from further improvement.

24-35: There may be challenges in team engagement. Reflect on the areas where you scored lower and consider strategies for improvement.

12-23: Significant opportunities exist to improve team engagement. Seek feedback, training, or resources to enhance team dynamics.

How we can help

Identified areas for improvement? Our Skillstone app provides tailored content to address specific challenges in employee engagement. Contact us to learn how we can help you boost engagement and create a more motivated, connected team.

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